How can I do an exchange / return?

We apologize that we do not accept exchange or returns for all fresh flower products. All preserved flower products can be exchanged or returned for store credit within 7 days, in-store only.

What if I’m allergic to a particular flower or dislike a certain type of flower?

We totally get it and that’s why we’ve included a space for you on the order page to write any special requests. We can’t promise that every request will be fulfilled but we do our best.

Why can’t I choose the exact flowers for my order?

Because we’re working with seasonal flowers as often as possible, it’s harder for us to promise you something we can’t always deliver on. And it’s our preference to offer you a really unique experience. Our designers are true artists and can’t wait to design something special just for you. We only purchase the highest quality and most unique blooms, so you’ll only ever get our best.

How long should my flowers last?

Garden grown flowers are very different from those grown for the floral trade. Typically garden blooms are more delicate and therefore by nature have a shorter vase life than a carnation for example. Our flowers are not always perfect and it’s that subtlety, that nuance, that makes them so special. We believe it’s the impermanence of a really unique flower that is the gift and lasts well beyond the life of your bouquet. The flowers chosen are always memorable and it’s that artisanal quality that well compensates for a slightly shorter vase life.