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99 Rose Bouquet

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99 Roses -- The most romantic thing
Flower language: When we grow old, we can sit under a tree and in the sunshine, drink a cup of tea to have a taste of the passed years and original love. We will recall the happy moments and the hardships together! “The most romantic thing is to grow older with you”. When it is realized, our love will have a happy ending!

* SHU FLORA only use High Quality, Fresh Roses, imported from Eco & Socially Responsible farms.

* Your message will be hand-written.(in 30 words)

* Each bouquets are unique in their own way. Your bouquet may vary based on the design style and availability of materials and packaging that you selected.

* Your delivery rate will be determined at checkout according to your postal code. This product has to be preorder at least 3 days. Please call to confirm the availability for high quality roses before placing an order.