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Flower Hug Flower Box

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Florist design flower product. Select your budget and let our designer do the rest for you. We always make sure they comes in bright and colourful!

Please leave us a message in the message area if you have specific requirements for the color scheme of the flowers.

Picture shown as Large.

* SHU FLORA only use High Quality, Fresh Roses, imported from Eco & Socially Responsible farms.

* Our dyed-roses are spray-painted from the rose farm, please understand that there will be slight color difference on every rose everytime.

* Your message will be hand-written.(in 30 words)

* Each bouquets are unique in their own way. Your bouquet may vary based on the design style and availability of materials and packaging that you selected.

* Your delivery rate will be determined at checkout according to your postal code. For same-day orders please place order before 11am.